About Us

Grooves was formed and registered in 2008 and is owned and managed by a previously disadvantaged individual.
Grooves evolved from the humble beginnings of young man and grew to be driven by a passion for helping new and undiscovered talent reach their full potential.

We are concerned with the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups through the sharing of knowledge, job creation and enrichment. We care about the empowerment of our people and wish to work together to help grow our country.

The Grooves team has gained experience in a vast array of business sectors. Years of television experience in the SABC, involvement in sporting events such as the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007, the All Africa Games in 2007, the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2009, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and high profile national award ceremonies like the SAFTAS, allows Grooves to provide a cutting edge solution to any eventing need.


To offer innovative and valued added events, tours, and general trading to South Africans and communities at large.


Grooves shall achieve and maintain its vision by constantly striving to maintain high level standards of efficiency and effectiveness and to make a positive contribution to the growth and development of communities within its operation.


Services Excellent